This Photo ‘Proves’ That Michael Jackson Is A Time Traveller Apparently

by : UNILAD on : 16 May 2017 17:44

Michael Jackson is apparently a ‘time traveller’ in this latest conspiracy theory which will either blow your mind or make you laugh out loud.


Personally I always enjoy it when photos emerge, claiming a celebrity is some sort of time-lord – remember Daniel Radcliffe seeming to look like an old woman through the ages?

This video appears to show MJ zooming through time, popping up in paintings and even as an ancient Egyptian sculpture and it’s pretty amusing, albeit a little creepy.

As we all know – and many of us still painfully mourn – the legendary music icon died in 2009, leaving the industry a little worse off, but according to this eerie bit of footage, perhaps that wasn’t the end of him.


Mysterious photos from YouTube channel Fact5 claim Michael didn’t in fact die aged 48, but instead is a ‘time traveller,’ who has cropped up throughout history and could continue to do so.

Okay, so even though the painting is a little uncanny and more than a bit sinister looking, let’s be honest, it only looks like Jacko, there’s no way it actually is.

They seem to suggest that picture – combined with the odd statue – is pretty much sure fire certainty Jackson has been travelling around though the ages and it’s categorically ridiculous.

The narrator behind the footage says:

Have you ever heard the quote, ‘Good painting is like good cooking, it can be tasted but not explained’?

Well, can you explain this similarity, between Michael Jackson and this anonymous painting?

If you thought that this was similar, this mysterious statue also bears some resemblance to the king of pop. It appears that Michael had done some time travelling throughout his time.


Let’s not beat around the bush here, the painting is a bit weird – as is the statue – but unless you’re Dr Who, time travelling is definitely not a thing and these ‘artefacts’ don’t even look that much like him anyway.


It seems the viewers were less than impressed too, with many comments claiming their ‘theory’ was ‘hilarious’ and they ‘couldn’t stop laughing.’

In fact things got so out of hand, the channel was forced to try and clear up the matter themselves.

They explained:

Please bear in mind that the title does not literally mean that time travel is possible, it is just a bit of fun.

Well I’m glad they clarified that, they also had me completely convinced…

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