This Polish Christmas Advert Is By Far The Best This Year


This. This is what you quite simply need to watch. If there is such a thing as a perfect Christmas advert then I put my life on the fact that this is up there with them. 

For what is in a great Christmas advert? According to Mashable, there needs to be a dollop of comedy to make us giggle, an intriguing story line, and a festive vibe to the ad in all its entirety.

But deep down what is needed more than anything else is a story which an underlying narrative which hammers home the true values of Christmas and the festive season.


Few adverts are able to capitalise on all of the above necessities but this ad from a Polish online auction website, entitled ‘English for Beginners’, manages to get every last thing in there – plus a dog.

And if you’ve watched it then you’ll know exactly why.

Essentially the advert follows a simple tale. It’s the story of an elderly Polish man who’s learning to speak English for an unknown reason.

‘I am. You are. He, she, it, is’.

There’s also a snippet of unpredictable humour too when the elderly gent shouts ‘I’m gonna fucking kill you’ while tranquilly lying in the bath like quite the psychopath.

But then at the end… Well, we won’t ruin it for you but it’s a definite tear jerker.