This Politician Says God Told Him To Outlaw Baggy Pants


Some people get really wound up by youngsters wearing low cut, baggy pants which hang below their arse, but perhaps none more so than this politician in Alabama. Or God, apparently.

Frank Goodman, a councilman in Dadeville, has proposed a ban on any trousers which have fallen below the waist, previously claiming low trousers are disrespectful and prevent the wearers from finding gainful employment.

And what was his inspiration for this incredible policy? God speaking to him in his prayers, obviously.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Goodman said:

I prayed and asked God to show me what I should do, and the way I should go about it. What would God do? Did God go around doing this? He would [not] show me this saggy pant—it’s one of the things He did not do. It is not in His orders to do that to gain eternal life.

At the next council meeting Goodman plans to introduce legislation to give police officers the right to apprehend and distribute tickets to those wearing low trousers, so this God-fearing guy is really tackling society’s most important issues…