This Rat Attack Has Got Me Not Wanting To Ever Go To Bed Again

PAY-Rat-AttackAndrew Styczynski - The Sun

A poor five year old boy has been left covered in bites and cuts after a huge rat tried to eat his face while he was sleeping.

Gholam Salehi, the boy’s dad, claims to have seen the vile rodent tearing at his son Amir’s face and says when he saw the blood he feared the worst and tried to bat away the ‘crazed’ creature in a panic.

Mr Salehi told The Sun: “It was going for his throat, trying to get into his mouth and get to his heart. I thought it had killed him. There was so much blood… When I was hitting it with the bat it was like metal, so hard. It wasn’t scared of me. It fought back and was very tough.”

PAY-Rat-Attack (2)Andrew Styczynski - The Sun

Amir was quickly taken to hospital to treat the cuts to his face, hands and legs. Mr Salehi believes that the foot long rat got into the house through an open window. He also says his home was invaded by rats after a mess was left at a nearby community centre which has attracted vermin.

04_21030158_dccd0b_2612445aAndrew Styczynski - The Sun

Islington Council told The Sun it had found no evidence of any rats at Mr Salehi’s home or at the community hall.

The attack comes after a grandmother died weeks after she was allegedly bitten more than 50 times by a rat at her council run care home.