This Restaurant Only Hires Waiters With Dementia

Yahoo Japan

There is one restaurant where it doesn’t matter if you’re indecisive – because customers are told to expect menu-mess-ups and wrong orders.

That’s because the ‘Restaurant of Order Mistakes’ in Japan only hires waiters who suffer from dementia.

Customers are encouraged to go in expecting their order to be mixed up or in fact completely wrong – wanted a pizza, get some pasta – doesn’t matter.

Yahoo Japan

The unique restaurant popped up in the Toyosu district in Tokyo and took on a trial period during this month.

Its purpose was to raise awareness of dementia and founders wanted to try and reduce the stigma that surrounds this brain disease.

A food blogger named Mizuho Kudo tweeted about her experience at the restaurant explaining that she ended up eating a plate of gyoza dumplings (having ordered a hamburger) and they were delicious.

The staff were having a great time while working, she said.

Yahoo Japan

The restaurant’s founders are now planning another pop-up which will open in September to commemorate World Alzheimer’s Day.

It may be controversial, but it will certainly raise awareness.