This Ridiculous New Viral Trend Is Just As Stupid As All The Others


A new disturbing viral beauty challenge has been criticised for promoting an unhealthy body image in China.

Two weeks ago Chinese women were being condemned for posting pictures of their skinny midriffs, hidden behind A4 sheets of paper, to their social media accounts and now another trend’s arisen called the “iPhone 6 knees” challenge, Mashable reports. 

Basically women are using their iPhone 6s to cover their knees, to prove that their legs are skinnier than the phone.


The meme went viral this week and has been widely criticised online.

One commenter, Moon L. Leighton, wrote:

Whoever started these beauty trends certainly deserves a medal, something along the lines of ‘The Most Moronic Idea of the Year’.


While another user simply said: “The world seems to be losing sense by the moment…”

It is unclear whether you use a an iPhone 6 or the bigger iPhone 6 Plus in the challenge, but the growing popularity of yet another beauty meme is concerning for encouraging unrealistic body expectations in women.

Seriously just when you think the Internet can’t get any dumber…