This Russian Lawyer Thinks The Tiger-Goat Friendship Is ‘Gay Propaganda’


Remember this incredible video a few months ago when an unlikely friendship blossomed between a tiger and goat?

The clip – which was taken in the Primorsky Safari Park in Russia – saw the big cat refuse to hunt his next meal, leaving staff at the safari park ‘stunned’.

A. Fedoseev/Siberian Times

Cupid, the Siberian tiger, was booted out of his shelter by the cheeky goat – later named Timur – who occupied his bed when he entered the enclosure, forcing Cupid onto the roof.

Cue the awws. But not everyone is a fan of this cute tale of friendship and Russian lawyer Alexei Krestianov, from Novosibirsk, is one of them.


In a pretty lengthy rant on Facebook, Krestianov says that all coverage of Timur and Cupid should be banned because it could make kids want to be gay. Just, wow. I have no words.

He actually thinks that all goat/tiger relations coverages falls under Russia’s infamous ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law. His Facebook post is a copy of a letter to the General Prosecutor’s Office in which he calls for future stories to be banned.


With Russia’s pretty piss poor stance on LGBT rights,  it was only a matter of time that some lunatic would generally think this. You’ve got to despair really, because that’s a totally normal thing to think about a tiger and goat, obviously.

The bullshit this guy is coming out with seems worthless for now, as the park announced that the two have been temporarily separated so the goat can undergo vet care.

Амур и Тимур/Facebook

Lets enjoy moments this while they last, ay.