This Ryan Gosling Lookalike Has Been Confusing Fans Online


Ladies and gentlemen, there is another Ryan Gosling on this planet – and we thought you should know.

Well, that’s not entirely true, but there is somebody out there who very closely resembles the actor.

If you’ve not heard of him, let us do the honour of introducing you to Johannes Laschet, a menswear blogger, law student, son of German politician, Armin Laschet.

Johannes has more than 38k followers on Instagram, and he calls his fashion blogging a ‘hobby’.

He told Today:

When I am out in a club or a bar, people sometimes come up to me and say that I have a resemblance to Mr. Gosling My friends find it very amusing and follow the hype with great amusement.

He added:

Sometimes people just focus on the resemblance. Of course, you should not complain about that, but I am still more than just a look-alike.

I have a great passion for classical menswear and I try to inspire people with my blog. So, I get more excited and I am more happy when people comment on my style and say that they like the way I dress.

He isn’t the only Ryan ‘look-alike’ to emerge though, remember when this guy accepted an award at the German film awards, Goldene Kamera?


Not quite as good, is he?