This San Francisco Shack Will Set You Back $350,000


And you thought London was bad.

If you’re looking to move to San Francisco and get your foot on the property ladder, let’s hope you’re loaded.

Because if you have less than $350,000 (about £225,000) to spend on a new house, God help you. And if you do have $350,000, then this decrepit shack in the Outer Mission neighbourhood is what awaits you.

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The 765-square-foot wooden home boasts two bedrooms and a bathroom. Fancy. It was built in 1906, and you can really tell.

The glorified shed is advertised as a ‘distinguished’ single-family home. What a bunch of absolute pisstakers.

The realtor who listed the property, Brian Tran, told NBC Bay Area: “This is San Francisco. You have to take into account that the value is not always in the home, but in the land.”

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The property market in San Francisco is currently in crisis, with demand causing prices to skyrocket, thanks in part to its close proximity to Silicon Valley and the tech industry.