This SAT Maths Question For 7-Year-Olds Is Confusing Adults

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Can you answer this maths question aimed at 7-year-olds?

A lot of adults can’t, apparently. And it’s confusing the shit out of people.

The question was posted by a mum on Twitter, and it sparked a pretty lengthy debate about what the answer is and what’s the best way to work it out.

This is the question (remember, this is for 7-year-old children):

Can you figure it out?

Most people would think the answer is 65, but according to Twitter user Louise Bloxham, ‘you would be wrong’ as the answer is actually 46, according to a teacher’s marking scheme posted on Facebook.

But is it right?

Other users seem to think not, with the best way to work out the answer is by working backwards.

So, 63 people minus the 17 who got on the train is 46 (teacher’s answer).

Then, take those 46 people and add the 19 who got off at the first stop. You should get 65.

Louise said the teacher who posted it ‘left her answer sheet at school’ – so parents are still in the dark about the actual answer, The Mirror reports.

But while the question seems to have gotten the best of adults, it actually makes you feel sorry for the kids the question was designed for, who are as young as seven.

In other subjects like English, parents are actually taking their kids out of schools because they say the tests are too hard. Apparently, they’re not too happy about how hard the SATs are that 6 and 10-year-olds have to take in England and Wales.

But how difficult is it really?

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