This Shocking Investigation Might Make You Never Want To Wear Superdry Again

superdryDarren Fletcher

Superdry have come under fire after it emerged that they were paying workers only 28p an hour.

It has also emerged that the workers had to ask management permission to use the toilet, and worked in sweltering conditions.

Given Superdry are one of the most expensive and recognisable brands on the market, the fact that they exploit workers will undoubtedly damage their image.

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The factory producing the clothing is in Gurgaon near New Delhi, and garment checker Ashok Kumar has lifted the lid on the conditions.

The 32-year-old said it takes 30 workers an hour to make ten of the jackets, under the watchful eye of supervisors.


He said that his family cannot even afford to keep their five-year-old son with them, and he lives away with family.

He added:

It’s not enough to live on. We are verbally abused.

They call us motherfuckers. But I cannot leave. What else could I do?

There are too many people in India needing work and not enough jobs. The factory wouldn’t care if I did go because there are always lots of people who would take the job.

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Ashok’s payslips show that he was paid £61.82 in July, but often has to work 16 hours per day to make ends meet.

The brand is worn by celebrities from David Beckham to Pixie Lott.

Another worker said:

People who buy Superdry clothes would be shocked, but if I did not do it for that money, someone else would. If I tried to do something about it, they would fire me.

I feel upset about it.


After being questioned about the working conditions of their employees, a spokesman for Superdry said:

Employees and local unions were fully involved and there were no reported issues about pay, which is above the minimum wage levels for this part of India.

Working with the Ethical Trading Initiative that promotes workers rights across the globe, we seek continuous improvement over time in working conditions throughout our supply chain.

We will investigate all issues raised and as a responsible business we will take appropriate action where necessary.