This ‘Sin Free’ Social Media Site Is Something Else

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Pretty much everyone has Facebook, and lets be honest, there are at least a couple of times you’ve either seen or written a status that has more than a couple of swear words in it.

That is something a set of Brazilian Evangelicals took exception to, and with $16,000 and the help of the Mayor of Ferraz de Vasconcelos where they live, they decided to provide the 42 million Evangelical Christians in Brazil with an alternative.

That is where Facegloria came in, with Atilla Barros and three other Christians deciding to create their own, Christian version of the social networking page.

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Swearing is banned, along with about 600 other words, with the seriously squeaky clean Facebook page having 20 volunteers who moderate the page and make sure no explicit pictures or banned words are posted.

Even posts that talk about or depict anything to do with alcohol or cigarettes are heavily moderated – so that’s me out of joining then.

Web designer Atilla Barros claimed:

On Facebook you see a lot of violence and pornography. That’s why we thought of creating a network where we could talk about God, love and to spread His word.

We want to be morally and technically better than Facebook. We want all Brazilian Evangelicals to shift to Facegloria.