This Slow Motion Video Of A Fire Tornado Is So Mesmerising

fire spiralSlow-Mo Guys

The lads at Slow-Mo Guys may have made one of the most oddly mesmerising online video’s ever by filming a fire tornado in slow motion.

The guys create the tower of flame by starting a small fire in a bucket and then having industrial fans whirl the air around making the oddly calming column of  twisting fire.

The pair then film the ferocious fire at a ridiculously slow 2500fps (frames per second) using a state of the art slow-mo camera to create this hypnotising video.

In the video, Gavin Free, the creator of Slow-Mo guys describes the flames as looking “good enough to eat” and he’s not wrong. The best way I can describe the spiraling column of flame is looking like a Twister ice lolly, made of death.

slow-mo guysGavin Free & Dan Gruchy - The Slow Mo Guys

Terrifyingly fire tornadoes are actually a naturally occurring thing, and aren’t even that rare. They’re called fire whirls and happen when the heat of a fire creates a vortex, a mini tornado, and channels the fire into a moving column of flame.

Luckily fire whirls are pretty slow moving so no need to be too worried.