This Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Theory Is Really Convincing

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has only been out a few days but the internet’s already got some really convincing fan theories.

One theory that’s particularly popular on Reddit isn’t about where Kylo Ren got his mask or why Rey is such a powerful Jedi, but instead about where the story draws its inspiration. Fans believe this gives us clues as to where the sci-fi mega hit is going.

The theory explains why the film feels old-fashioned despite being set in a futuristic universe, and imagines the shape of Rey’s story arc.

Here’s the complete fan theory as the author wrote it, with the pictures they included.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

I believe the real purpose of Kylo’s sabre is for the medieval imagery, to subconsciously remind us of Arthurian tales. The tri-sword obviously resembles a medieval broadsword.

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On top of that, Kylo also wears more of a tunic than robes like we’ve seen in the past, his cape on one shoulder is also reminiscent of what we see in some medieval movies. Kylo is basically a Mordred/Sherriff of Nottingham type character.

nsfMfiPThe Independent

His helmet is much like a black knight.

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Maz Kanata is in a castle, which is decorated with banners much like medieval times, and we see lots of huge stone blocks – the appearance is very similar to something we would see in England.


Stormtroopers have shields. Kylo has his own Knights (like an evil Knights of the Round Table), which wear medieval style armour and helmets.


 Phasma has metallic armour like a knight.


The sword fighting is now more medieval style, with large swings and heavy hits. Even most of the places they go are like European settings, with normal forests and lakes. You could imagine a LOTR or Game of Thrones battle happening in front of Maz’s castle, in the snowy woods, or Luke’s island. Luke of course, would be Merlin.

So then we have Rey, who is basically a poor peasant. She comes along and basically takes what Kylo believes is his birthright.


He thinks his bloodline grants him the right to rule the galaxy like Vader because he is Vader’s grandson. He probably had Snoke filling him with ideas of grandeur throughout his youth, like an evil Morgana/Morgan le Fay (Snoke was even supposed to be a woman at one point).

B3sVdpgThe Idependent

But Rey is the true heir to Skywalker’s legacy, like Arthur (Even with a British accent!).

She was hidden when the Empire/Kingdom fell apart, but now has returned from obscurity to take her place.

Maz tells her the sword belonged to Vader and Luke, and now it calls to her – Maz bestows the sword that she has been saving all this time to Rey like the Lady of the Lake.

Kylo sees the sword later and says it belongs to him. But then they have a sword in the stone moment and he can’t pull it to himself. We are surprised when it suddenly flies out past him and to Rey instead. The sword chose her. The sword is much like Excalibur, a legendary sword with great importance and symbolizes Rey as the true successor.

So there we have it, is The Force Awakens really a new take on the legend of King Arthur? Or is it just a stealth reboot of A New Hope? Let us know what you think in the comments.