Station ‘Haunted By Ghost Of Teen Girl In Bloody Clothes’ Is Massive NOPE


Ghost hunters are claiming that an abandoned train station may be haunted by a ghoulish teenage ghost wearing blood stained clothes.

A number of different ghost hunters have all reported hearing a ‘faint crying’ at Macquarie Fields Station, in Sydney, before the ghastly apparition of a teen girl appears screaming and grasping her bloodied chest, the Daily Mail reports.

The identity of the mysterious phantom is still unknown but intrepid paranormal investigators have claimed she only appears late at night when the station is empty (how do people see her?).


According to the good people over at Urban Ghost Media, who know about this sort of thing, the spooky ghost is a little shy though.

They say:

 After the last train departs and the platform is left almost completely empty, it’s said that a faint crying can be heard on the breeze.

They claim that after the crying she can be seen screaming in fright at some unknown terror. Others report that she simply waits in the middle of the tracks crying, until she notices you staring at her.


Meanwhile the experts at Sydney Spirit Talkers say that the ghostly apparition’s screams start quietly and slowly grow louder.

One witness even swears they saw a young girl wearing ‘dancing clothes’, covered in what looked like blood around her chest.


Macquarie Fields became notorious back in 2005 after a large riot in the suburb led to several cars being torched and several police officers injured.

If the bloodied ghost is real I feel sorry for her, relying on a train to help her move on doesn’t she know they’re always late?