This Suspect Breaks Down When He Realises He Knows The Judge From School

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When you bump into somebody you went to school with and haven’t seen for a long time, it can be pretty awkward. Asking what they’ve been up to and they reel off a list of all the amazing things that they’ve done, then they ask you, and you have try to make watching every episode of The Wire in a week and getting the Countdown conundrum a few times sound like proper achievements.


It’s awkward. But not this awkward.

Arthur Booth was appearing before Judge Mindy Glazer after being arrested on suspicion of theft and burglary, when she realised that she had seen the suspect before.

The two went to middle school together.


Judge Glazer asks him if he went to Nautilus Middle School, and instantly you can see his face light up, before he breaks down in tears.

They used to be playmates in school, and played football together. It turns out that one did a bit better in life than the other.

She says:

I always used to wonder what happened to you, sir.

I’m sorry to see you here.


Booth’s cousin said that in school he was a scholar and an athlete, but he ended up on drugs, and his life became a mess. She also said that hopefully this surprise reunion will spark the change in his life that is long overdue.

Judge Glazer wished him good luck, and set his bail at $44,000.

He is currently still held in custody.

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