This Teenager Just Won $50k For A Crazy Simple Invention


You probably think you’ve achieved and adulted well when you manage to put a matching pair of socks on in a morning.

Well, take a look at Ann Makosinski, putting us all to shame.

The 18-year-old won $50,000 after winning Shell Canada’s Quest Climate Grant for creating not one, but two inventions that use heat to generate electricity.

First came a flashlight that runs off body heat, and then that was followed by the eDrink.

The eDrink uses excess heat from your hot drink to generate electricity and using a USB port at the bottom of the mug, you can use that electricity to then charge your phone.

It’s pretty impressive, and while the device is still in prototype form, Ann says the support she’s received has been ‘overwhelming’ and has even been on the Jimmy Fallon Show to talk about it.

Yeah, we’ve all failed at life.