This Terminally Ill Man Got His Undertakers Name Tattooed On Him For Such A Sad Reason

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jul 2015 17:51


This pensioner has only six months to live, so he got the name of his undertaker tattooed on his arm.


Because he has nobody to take care of his funeral.

The 76 year old had ‘AB Taylor Undertaker’ tattooed onto his upper arm, so that when h eventually passes, he goes to the right funeral director. The one he has already arranged his funeral with.

After losing his wife four years ago, the man has no family to take care of things when he dies.



The tattoo was done by Jamie Chan at Skinny’s Ink in Birmingham, who said:

When he came in he asked me not to laugh or judge him for what he’s about to ask for, and I assumed it was a private area.

He then explained that he has no wife or kids and had been told that day that he had about six months to live.

He wanted to make sure he was sent to the right place.

Jamie didn’t want to take the money for the tattoo, but the man insisted, saying:

He said he’s worked all his life and never had hand outs and he wasn’t gonna start now.

I used to work on the desk in a tattoo studio, so I have heard a LOT of reasons behind tattoos, some daft, some poignant, some thinking they’re poignant but are actually daft… But I’ve never heard anything this raw and real before.

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