This Tweet Proves That Even Leonardo DiCaprio Loves His Own Face

leo fb thumbGetty

The perfect selfie always seems just slightly out of reach of us mere mortals, but not for Leonardo DiCaprio, oh no.

Men want to be him, woman want to be with him and it’s no wonder- he’s a pretty handsome chap.

And it looks like his decent start to 2016 (winning his long-awaited Academy Award and all that) has got even better after taking the most perfect selfie of all time.

After delivering a climate change speech (as Leo loves to do) at the UN General Assembly in New York last week, the Hollywood A-lister stopped to take a selfie in support of December’s Paris Agreement.

And a lucky individual was on hand to capture this poetry in motion but, sadly, no video exists. Like the rest of us, he checked the snap for his approval, but unlike the rest of us he was extremely happy with the outcome. His expression says it all really.

It’s like he didn’t even know that he was actually that good looking, but you are Leo, you are.