This Ultimate Pokemon Go Cheat Sheet Shows Which Pokemon Are Strongest

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There have been a ton of Pokémon Go tips and tricks circulating around the web lately, but this cheat sheet may just benefit players the most in the long run.


Considering the game was released only a week ago, the majority of users are spending their time catching Pokémon and increasing their strength. Users aren’t battling much at the moment, but they will be. And thanks to a community of Reddit-based Pokémon enthusiasts, you can be sure you’ll be prepared.

The enthusiasts, who call themselves Silph Road, posted a chart showing the hidden attack, defense, and stamina power of every Pokémon. And it’s pretty handy.

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Most players aren’t familiar with these attributes as the game only shows the Combat Power at Hit Points for each creature. What the game also doesn’t tell us at this point is that if two Pokémon with the same CP fight, the one with the better attack attribute will hit harder, Mashable reports.

And while there’s no way of telling Silph Road’s info is 100 per cent correct, it does confirm rumours.

The data shows what we all expected: that Pokémon that are rare or hard to evolve are the strongest.

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The site also shows players how to earn XP points in the game, what moves have the most power, and provides a list of trainer level requirements and bonuses – although the rewards and unlocked items from getting to any level between 31 to 40 still haven’t been discovered yet.


While the chart is great insight into the broader aspects of Pokémon Go, it doesn’t exactly give you a solution to the entire game. But considering the game’s popularity – and that it has only started – it’s just a matter of time before another guide shows up with every little detail.