People Think They’ve Spotted ‘Time Traveller’ In Video Of 1995 Mike Tyson Fight


Stephen Hawking once asked, if time travel is possible, why don’t we bump into time travellers, well the answer seems to be that we do. 

The weird video from a 1995 Mike Tyson fight, shows what appears to show a fan filming the bout on their smartphone a full five years before the first camera phone was released in 2000.

Online experts are now speculating that the fan may be a time travelling tourist who came back to watch the boxer during his fight with Peter McNeeley in Las Vegas, The Mirror reports.

In the video we see Tyson preparing for his fight while the fan stands up in the crowd holding an object and appears to film the action inside the ring on a smartphone.

The video was first posted on YouTube back in September last year but has resurfaced as people try and explain what’s happening.

According to the Mail Online, ‘JammyBantam’ the YouTuber who released the video, the object appears to have a lens in the centre just like a smartphone and is unexplainable.

Mike Tyson v Kevin McBrideGetty

That said he did admit that he ‘didn’t know’ if it was a time traveller or not, but thought that the camera was unexplainable.

Thankfully the internet’s most respected paranormal researcher Scott C Waring managed to confirm that this was indeed a time traveller.

Mike-Tyson-Smart-PhoneYou Tube

He said:

That we have here is a time traveler (sic) coming back to watch their favorite (sic) fighter and sitting in the front row seats.

Back in 1995 they did have phones, but they didn’t yet have cameras on them.

As far as bonkers internet theories go it’s not too outlandish, let’s be honest if you were time travelling you’d want to go back and see the highlights…