This Video Of A Blind Magician Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind


Magicians amaze us. They create illusions which bamboozle our minds and vision. Some claim to make things disappear, others claim to walk on water, but none have amazed us quite like Justin Sight.

Justin Sight is a magician in New York City who performs hundreds of shows a year on the New York subway.

However according to the Mirror, this Polish born magician isn’t your everyday illusionist. Justin is blind.

Justin went blind when he was 10-years-old after suffering with Stargardt macular degeneration disorder.

blindYouTube / Andrew Ramos

Speaking to YouTuber, Andrew Ramos, about his blindness the magician added :

It really just wasn’t one of those things I was down about, and I always had the sense that it was just one of those things that made me unique, and that’s something you’ve got to use to your advantage.

But as an inspiration to us all, he didn’t let this stop him from achieving his dreams, and this is why he is is the subject of a brand new documentary, A Blind Magician’s Life.

blind 2YouTube / Andrew Ramos

Now, Justin spends his days bewildering commuters on the New York subway with his card tricks and endless arsenal of astonishing stunts.

Under his tagline ‘true seeing is not believing’, Justin has performed in front of tonnes of celebrities including David Blaine, Chris Pratt, and Harvey Kietel.

Keep doing what you’re doing Justin!