This Video Of A Ridiculous New Drunken Game Is Absolutely Hilarious

by : UNILAD on : 04 Feb 2016 16:39

It’s Saturday night, you and your mates have stayed in and polished off a few crates, what do you do next?


The answer is obviously stick the cardboard boxes on your head and start a violent game of Marco Polo.

This pair donned the crates as blindfolds, stuck on a boxing glove each, and stalked each other around an empty room swinging wildly at each others heads.

If this version of Marco Polo didn’t have enough twists already then it is certainly does with its incredibly random name, ‘Cheese Sandwich’.


The video was uploaded to YouTube by a user called ‘joseph marx‘, and as reported by the Daily Mail appears to have taken place somewhere in the UK.

Hangovers can be a bitch at the best of times, but I’d wager with a few blows to the head these guys woke up feeling rough as fuck.

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    Is it too late to get it in the Olympics? Hilarious video of friends playing drunken boxing game they've invented called 'Cheese Sandwich' goes viral