This Video Of Emma Watson Beatboxing Is The Cringiest Thing Ever


Although for a good cause, this video is undeniably the definition of cringeworthy. 

On International Women’s Day, as the majority of social media rejoiced and Kim K faced a backlash after trying to break the internet again, Emma Watson teamed up with ‘freestyler’ and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda to perform a beatbox duet on gender equality.

As stated in the first line, though for a good cause the end result is nail-bitingly awkward, cringey, and pretty uncomfortable to watch.

12157-gv3afeYouTube / Totally Emma Watson

According to Miranda, who is currently staring in a Broadway show about the U.S. founding fathers, they formed the ‘beatbox dream-team’ – but I can’t say I thoroughly agree.

Watson described her feelings towards the video perfectly, simply saying:

I’m so embarrassed right now. I’m literally the colour of a tomato. No-one ever ask me to do that again.

Don’t quit your day job, although she sort of already has