This Video Of Maggots Eating Man’s Brain Is Most NOPE Thing Ever


This is hands down, without a doubt, one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this is gruesome…

Horrifying footage has emerged of maggot’s eating away at a giant hole in a man’s head, reports the Daily Mail.

The skin-crawling clip shows the terrifyingly deep wound in the guy’s head squirming and teaming with millions of larvae in scenes that literally look like they came straight from a horror film.


However, unbelievably, the man – thought to be somewhere in South America – can be heard talking to someone in the video.

The condition the guy has is called cerebral myiasis – an infection of fly larvae in the brain.


Only eight cases have ever been reported in humans and although the type of maggots in this latest clip have not been identified, it is likely they are cochliomyia hominivorax – well known for the way they eat the flesh of warm-blooded animals.

If there is any chance this guy can recover we wish him all the best.