This Video Proves How Much Londoners Really Hate Donald Trump


Londoners are renowned for being brutally honest at the best of times, so when they were asked about Donald Trump they didn’t hold back.

They summed up their feelings pretty well about the Republican presidential candidate, in a video by LDNCULTURE, branding him ‘irrelevant’ and a ‘dickhead’ after he infamously claimed the capital had ‘no-go’ areas.


Trump claimed last year London and other places around the UK are ‘so radicalised that police are afraid for their own lives’.

However, Boris Johnson gave a quite a brilliant response mocking Trump saying his ‘ill informed’ comment was ‘complete and utter nonsense.’


He added: “The only reason I wouldn’t go to parts of New York is the very real risk of meeting Donald Trump.” Burn!

I think it’s fair to say London could well be a ‘no-go’ zone for Trump alone now.


Despite there still being a long way to go, there’s now a growing reality that Trump could win the Republican nomination after winning the New Hampshire primary and coming second in the Iowa caucus.

It’s quite bizarre to think how he’s even got this far, despite offending pretty much everyone who doesn’t share the same bigoted views as he does.


He’s got away with insulting Muslims, Mexicans, women – the list goes on and on. But he took time to reserve praise for North Korea’s psychotic leader Kim Jong-un, obviously.

One thing that does ring true though, he probably could shoot someone and still get votes.

What a time to be alive!