This Video Proves You Shouldn’t Mess With Russian Burger King Staff

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A Russian Burger King employee was filmed assaulting a young kid, showing that customer service in the Russian Federation really isn’t that fresh.

The adult male was captured man-handling a young boy, smacking him in the face and pushing his head – which narrowly missed the counter – in a disturbing display of aggression.

The video was originally shared on Reddit’s Assault/Battery discussion board, but removed and posted to YouTube instead.

Of course, the Internet responded in varying stages of outrage when they saw the young boys being physically forced to mop up after themselves.

When it became apparent that the uniformed boy had reportedly disrespected the employee in some way by spilling a drink, YouTubers took to the comments section to applaud the violent employee.

Russian Burger King

God forbid a ‘kid would mouth off to an adult’ who happened to be totally out of line.

But the winner for most eloquent argument that ‘Being liberal is OK, but being liberal is bad’ goes to this guy:

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Russia proudly advertises its zero tolerance attitude towards young people playing up, and this incident in particular leaves a nasty taste in our mouths.

Not only is this man a bully picking on people younger and smaller than him, but teaching kids to assert dominance through physical violence is just the lowest of the low.