This Video Shows How Thieves Steal Your Details At Cash Machines

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jun 2016 13:32

A few months back I was in Dublin on payday and made the brilliant awful choice of going to a cash machine and withdrawing more beer money and leaving myself very little left for the rest of the month.


Now I have yet another reason not to make that same terrible mistake again.

This is the moment an American security expert, Ben Tedesco, visited an ATM machine in the main square of Vienna.

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Noticing some glue on the card slot, Ben thought something was a bit fishy about the whole thing and being the self-confessed ‘paranoid’ guy he is, he decided to give the card slot a bit of a tug.


Almost instantly a false but identical card slot, which had been placed over the real card slot, literally falls apart into Ben’s hand.

Apparently the fake card scanner was fitted with a magnetic strip reader, as well as a battery, some sort of switch, and a control board with a 4 pin connector.

And ultimately the scanner will rob you blind.

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The video, which has now been viewed almost 3 million times, certainly highlights why you should try to avoid taking money out at touristy places.

Tedesco has since updated the video to say that he’s informed the Vienna Police Department of the discovery.

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