Rejection Experiment Shows That Women Are Way Harsher Than Guys



YouTube channel Whatever recently put together a social experiment to see how harshly we reject one another when approached on the street. 

The concept is very simple. The video starts with guys seeing how women react when they politely approach them for a conversation and ask them out. Conversely, we see how guys react when women approach them being all nice and nervous.

The reactions from the women asked out are harsh, but doesn’t that kind of make sense? Women get asked out heaps, so they would naturally be a bit more defensive and guarded when asked out on the street of all places. I think? Dunno.

Does it make a difference that it’s on the street?

Shit, even rejections in clubs and pubs can be harsh.

Hmm. My thoughts are provoked.

Have a watch and see what you think of this social experiment ladies and gents: