This Website Can Tell You If Anyone Has Been Murdered In Your House

by : Francesca Donovan on : 01 Nov 2016 15:58
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If the walls of your home could talk, what would they say?


Would they scream, remembering a grim and hidden history of your house?

From bloody family murders to drugs bust massacres, Housecreep.com gives a voice to the gruesome acts of violence and death that have occurred over the centuries in the residences where we lay down our sleepy heads every night.


Canadian brothers, Albert and Robert Armieri have crowd-funded their house-creeping enterprise, which is basically a grisly form of Ancestry.com but for your crib.


It’s not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.


If you think sleep is overrated, the website lets you check up on the history of your own house and browse your local area to find creepy murder houses near you.


The site also features the criminal histories of houses, such as drug lab busts and locations of known mob HQs, as well as well-known sites of historical tragedy and mass death.


…And as you an see, there are many you’ll want to avoid.



While the site is confined to America and Canada at the moment, the high demand coming from those morbid curiosities and thrill-seekers means it could be expanding.


This site is pretty bad news for the horror film business though.

Murder house horrors usually follow this narrative:

Family moves to beautiful old provincial house to start a better life.

One particularly pensive member (probably a young girl) sees a creepy ghost and draws a chilling picture of it at school.

Parents hear bumps in the night, but still disbelieve the young child. Kid gets therapy instead of an exorcism.

The parents consider moving to a new build but decide to stick it out where they are, because stamp duty.

They all die a horrible, bloody death.


Now, rather than screaming ‘Get outta there!’ at our silver screens, we’ll be twiddling our thumbs as the digitally savvy young girl googles the house’s history and immediately books her family into an Airbnb when she finds that three-year-old twins were murdered in the basement by their deranged aunt back in ’58.


Meanwhile, the job of estate agents around the world just got a hell of a lot harder and I’m trying to stave off my morbid curiosity and stop myself from searching for a scare.

Happy haunted house hunting, everybody!

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