This Week’s Walking Dead Ending Had A Surprising Meaning No One Noticed


This week’s episode of The Walking Dead had a very somber ending and according to showrunner Scott M Gimple there’s a deeper meaning to it.

Episode 13, Bury Me Here, of season seven saw some pretty heavy shit. The main focus was on man-of-peace Morgan and his time¬†with King Ezekiel and The Kingdom as they took some heavy losses. All of which had a profound effect on Lennie James’ character.

Bury Me Here saw both Benjamin and Richard die, Benjamin’s death in particular hit Morgan hard as he was one of his aikido students. As for Richard well, that was at Morgan’s hands for being directly involved with Benjamin’s death.


It was significantly poignant as it was the first time Morgan killed a living person since finding that inner peace – particularly when the situation didn’t require it (that time he killed one of Negan’s Saviors to save Carol doesn’t count). It thus brings him back to a very dark place, one he thought he once left.

Gimple explained to Yahoo TV that:

It’s all very tragic… This person who had found peace, being so dark now. He has that stick that Eastman gave him and that Eastman altered there.

[Morgan] was walking around with that stick in the woods stabbing people in the throat. And then Eastman cut off the edge of that stick and made it into a tool for him to learn aikido with and to find a way to channel the trauma with, and now at the end of this episode, he’s sharpening that stick again.


Gimple went on to say that Morgan, who’s in ‘vigilance mode’ is in a place where he’s not all there.

He explains that:

He is not completely gone right now. He isn’t, but it’s there. He could go for a good while where he’s not bothered, but it will accumulate, and it will metastasise, and it will come back to haunt him

Next week’s episode focuses on Sasha and Rosita’s suicide mission to kill the leader of the Saviors, Negan. We’re fairly certain this is going to end in tears… and a baseball bat to the head.

The episode will air in the UK on Fox at 9pm so you can find out what happens then…