This Woman Built An Insanely Cool Home From A Shipping Container

houseoutsideCollections Dubreuil

Would you believe this house is made entirely out of shipping containers?

It is. And the genius behind the idea is Claudie Dubreuil, from Quebec, Canada.

The real estate developer owns Collections Dubreuil and prides herself on the use of raw, eco-friendly material and sustainable building.

2Collections Dubreuil

The maison conteneur – or container house – started out as three large metallic containers, which Dubreuil ordered from an engineering firm. Within two weeks, the containers had been delivered and the builders managed to erect the frame of the house in just one day.

And it went from looking like this:

outsideCollections Dubreuil

To this:

outside2Collections Dubreuil

And the inside is arguably even more impressive:

livingroomCollections Dubreuil
kitchenCollections Dubreuil

Somehow, she managed to squeeze two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen and rooftop terrace into three cargo containers. And she still has extra space. And 9ft ceilings.

stairsCollections Dubreuil
bathCollections Dubreuil
bedbathCollections Dubreuil

What an amazing transformation.