This Woman Causing A Huge Fire Will Make You Think Twice Before Walking And Texting


If we ever needed to spell out why you shouldn’t walk and text, this is the video to do it.

A woman in China managed to cause a huge fire after she wandered through a restaurant kitchen while looking at her phone.

Footage shows the woman knocking over a gas cylinder while walking and texting, and smoke can be seen before the entire kitchen goes up in flames.

The massive error in judgement happened in Yichun, in the Jiangxi Province in southeastern China, and left the woman with mild burns.

According to local reports, the damage is worth tens of thousands of pounds – a big price to pay for such a quick mistake.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, though. Last year, a woman managed to get her leg stuck in a storm drain after walking and texting.

Maybe it’s time to think twice before we walk and text.