This Woman Could Be The Most Dangerous Person In The World

by : UNILAD on : 05 Aug 2017 18:42

Her image has become familiar when North Korea has an ‘important’ announcement to broadcast, but could Ri Chun-hee be the most dangerous woman in the world?


Chun-hee, a retired news anchorwoman for North Korean broadcaster Korean Central Television, seemingly appears almost every time the country takes another step towards its nuclear ambition.

In her latest appearance, dressed in vivid pink, the 74-year-old announced North Korea had tested a hydrogen bomb, reported to be ‘five times more powerful’ than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki during World War II.

Check her delivery below:

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In her latest announcement, Chun-hee, announced the news of a weapons test with a smile and eerily enthusiastic tone, because you know, nuclear weapons are absolutely bloody hilarious.

She said:

The test of a hydrogen bomb designed to be mounted on our intercontinental ballistic missile was a perfect success.

It was a very meaningful step in completing the national nuclear weapons programme.

Chun-hee originally retired in 2012, but appeared again four years later to announce a missile launch and has presented the news on occasions since.


The Guardian writes:

The apocalypse will be televised, and it will be presented by a pink-clad North Korean woman announcing the news at a near scream.

It wouldn’t be an apocalypse without some kind of creepy twist.

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