This Woman Got 11 Tattoos To Document A Century Of Ink Trends

Cut Media

It’s official – we love our ink! Pretty much everyone and their dog has a tattoo nowadays but, although body art is now pretty mainstream, most people are probably unaware of how they evolved into what they are today.

That’s why one brave woman allowed a tattoo artist to ink her with 11 different designs in a single week to demonstrate how tattoo styles have developed and changed over the last century.

The video is the latest entry in the ‘100 Years of Beauty’ series but, this time, rather than focusing on hair and make-up styles, Cut Media went all in and put out an ad looking for anyone willing to be inked in every style from every decade since 1910.

Casey Lubin, a model from Ohio, stepped up to get the permanent artwork all over her body. And it was a pretty big leap, considering she only had two small tattoos before getting involved in the project!

She said:

I saw an ad that said, ‘Would you be cool with getting 11 tattoos in one week?’ and I was like, ‘What, that sounds crazy!’ When I found out what it was, I thought it was a really amazing opportunity to be a part of this project, and have history be on my body.

I think it’s great that we can use our body as a canvas. It’s really cool that you can make art a part of your body. If your body is your temple, then you should be able to decorate it the way you want, right?

Cut Media
Cut Media
Cut Media

Acclaimed artist Clae Welch drew and tattooed all 11 of the designs onto Lubin’s skin. Each was inspired by the trends of each particular decade and based on a particular famous U.S. artist’s work – from Charlie Wagner, to Sailor Jerry, to Nikko Hurtado – demonstrating how black and white evolved to colour, and how aesthetics changed drastically between 1910 and 2010.

Casey even gets the same tattoo as Janis Joplin had on her wrist, for good measure.

The time lapse video is a fascinating feature and probably the coolest video in the ‘100 Years of Beauty’ series so far.

By the way, Cut are now looking for a man to replicate the experiment – so if you’re brave and you fancy looking like a historical work of art yourself, get in touch with [email protected]