This Woman Stripped Down To Her Underwear In Central London To Send A Powerful Message

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A video has emerged of one woman’s public protest against body image anxiety.

Jae West stripped to her underwear, blindfolded herself and stood in Piccadilly Circus in Central London, with a sign asking passersby to draw hearts on her body in solidarity.

The sign next to her read:

I’m standing for anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder or self-esteem issues like me… To support self-acceptance draw a heart on my body

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At first people were reluctant to draw on her, but after a few minutes they started to get involved.

West is part of a group called The Liberators International, who stage public events to highlight social issues.

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She wrote about the protest in a blog post, saying:

One of the most moving and inspiring moments for me was listening to a father explain to his children what I was doing. He was acknowledging the fact that everyone should love themselves exactly as they are and appreciate the bodies that they are given. It warmed my heart to know that his children and others would grow up understanding the impact of this global issue and have a feeling of contribution after drawing a love heart on my body,

If everyone could know and appreciate how beautiful they are from childhood I think this world would be a very different place.

An original way to make an important statement. Good on her!