This Woman ‘Vomits Every 20 Minutes’ Thanks To Rare Condition

by : UNILAD on : 06 Aug 2015 14:37

Stephanie Horner suffers from a rare condition that means she throws up 350 times a week.


She has Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, a little understood illness that causes her to vomit every 20 minutes, playing havoc with her life.

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She struggles to hold down a job and had to leave university because of it.

CVS affects one in 300,000 children, with only 20% of adults continuing to have it in later life. To make matters worse doctors are unsure about what causes the illness, and what the best way to treat it is.

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She told The Mirror:

It can be a very embarrassing condition because I end up throwing up on myself countless times without any warning from my body.

Every morning I lie in the bath and work out whether I can deal with the condition myself or whether I need medical attention at the hospital. If I misjudge it I could die of dehydration.

She manages her condition by taking 6 drugs a day, and she starts her day with a hot bath to help sooth the pain.

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That sounds awful, hopefully someone will work out a way to treat CVS soon! We wish Stephanie all the best.

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    'I vomit every 20 minutes': Woman with rare condition throws up 350 times a week