This Wonky House Optical Illusion Is Driving The Internet Mad

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A street in New Zealand is causing headaches around the world and baffling Internet commentors who can’t wrap their heads around these wonky buildings.

All over Instagram, pictures of houses sinking into the ground are popping up, but all is not as it seems, The Daily Star reports.

Rather than the houses slipping into the ground though, it’s actually a weird optical illusion using photos taken on the world’s steepest street.

If you visit Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand on Google maps you’ll see what we mean – it’s quite the hill.

To bore you with some maths for a moment, the hill’s slope is at a 19 degree angle, with a gradient of 1:2.86m, which means that the hill goes up one metre for just under every three metres you go forward.

Check out some of the mind boggling pictures below:

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