This Working Version Of Pokemon Red In Minecraft Is Insane


Someone out there is in the process of making a working version of Pokemon Red in Minecraft. Yes, it’s awesome, and no, my tiny brain cannot begin to comprehend it.

Redditor MrSquishyYT (formerly Magbi1) has been working on this mind blowing project since last year, and has recently proudly announced that he’s managed to get all attacks working, complete with battle animations.

So how, how in the name of Professor Oak has he managed this feat? I can’t stress enough that this guy is clearly one incredibly smart fucker.

In short, he’s using command blocks in Minecraft to essentially rebuild Pokemon Red in its entirety. He’s basically put together a working Game Boy from scratch, which is just nuts.

As you can imagine, the process is pretty complex. Our great creator explains: 

There’s a physical representation of the map…in spawn chunks in which each block corresponds with a texture. When the player clicks, a reader armor stand moves and clones the row of new textures behind the display. Display armor stands then detect the block type and stick the corresponding texture on their head before moving. The player model is just swapping between a static walking and standing texture.

And of course as you can see above, there’s even a working Pokedex, just in case you weren’t impressed enough.

This is genuinely one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen, and a real testament to what you can do in Minecraft if you have the skill.

So I’m sure you’re ready to see it in action, right? Well feast your eyes on the clip below friends, and be amazed.

Meanwhile, I’m just sat here making houses that look like knobs. Well done MrSquishyYT, you’re my new hero.