Those Rich Kids Of Instagram Accounts Are Getting People Into A Lot Of Trouble



My liking for the cunts that use Instagram to flaunt pics of their fancy cars, private jets, and stacks of cash, just got a fraction higher as it turns out they’re actually helping police catch their daddies for fraud. 

Apparently, when police are investigating a rich person for fraud, they often head straight over to their child’s social media accounts because there’s more chance of them revealing their parents hidden treasures.

As reported by The Guardian, top security firms use social media in 75% of fraud cases, as the online activity of their pathetically rich heirs often hands them an insight into their parents secret gems.

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In one case a parent claimed to have no proper valuables but when a security firm took to social media they found a photo of him on a $25m (£17.5m) yacht in the Bahamas.

In another a firm managed to seize a ‘newly acquired private jet’, after a 30 something son posted a photo of himself and his dad posing in front of the plane.

I asked dad for lunch money. I didn’t have enough

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The social media tactic is also aiding in divorce settlement cases, when a divorcee attempts to hide certain assets from their ex.

One man claimed he couldn’t pay his wife $30 million, but investigators later found he was worth almost $60 million and had absolutely dozens of homes registered in his name.

Shame they still have more money than I’ll ever see in my life…