Thousands Donated To Charity After British Soldier Died During London Marathon


Yesterday over 39,000 people ran 26 miles through London’s busy streets to mark the 36th annual marathon. 

One of them was 31-year-old Royal Artillery Captain David Seath.

Captain Seath was a Scottish veteran of Afghanistan, and though in superb physical condition, he suffered a heart attack as he neared the 23-mile mark of the London marathon and was rushed to hospital.

He was later pronounced dead.

Seath was running the marathon to raise funds for the Help For Heroes charity which was evidently very close to his heart.


Just before he left for the starting line, David posted this message onto his JustGiving page:

A big thank you to everyone that has been so generous and sponsoring me for tomorrow.

I am sure H4H will be equally as appreciative.

Every penny counts and to have broken the £200 mark with your help is very special.

Thank you all so much.

As I write these words, that same JustGiving page has just surpassed £36,500 – making it 750 per cent above David’s original target of £4,828.


This superb feat was brought on by thousands of people from across the world who mourning David’s loss decided to donate to his charity.

Upon hearing the tragic news, friends, family members, and colleagues of David’s took it upon themselves to finish what he started and walked those final three miles together.

Capt James Walker-McClimens, a friend of David’s whom he met while on tour in Afghanistan, wrote:

We will walk as one, the final three miles of the marathon, starting where he fell.

His friends and colleagues are planning to complete what he started, in his honour.

David’s mother later commented, saying:

David has achieved more in 31 years than most people do in 70.

He lived his life on the edge and to the full.

He was running to raise money for Help the Heroes, a cause which was very important to him.

An anonymous donor wrote a short message on David’s JustGiving page, saying:

You may not have been on battlefield but you still died a hero.

I could not have said it any better myself.

To donate to David’s JustGiving page, you can do so here.

Rest in peace Captain David Seath.