Thousands Protest In Kabul After The Taliban Beheads Nine-Year-Old Girl

Ehsanullah Amiri

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, after the Taliban murdered seven people, including a nine-year-old girl who was reportedly beheaded.

It was the largest demonstration the Afghan capital has seen since the year 2000, and was aimed at the nation’s government, who citizens claim are failing to protect them from insurgent groups.

The seven civilian victims were abducted in October from the southern province of Zabul, and executed between 6 and 8 November during armed clashes between two rival Taliban groups.

Each of the victims were part of the Hazara people, a minority group of predominantly Shia Muslims, and it is believed the killings were a hate crime motivated by this fact.

The march covered 8km of ground, all whilst carrying seven coffins containing the bodies of the seven innocents who were murdered. The nine-year-old victim, known as Shukria, was carried only by a group of women from start to finish.

The march ended at the Presidential Palace with numerous calls being made for president Ashraf Ghani to resign, and take responsibility for the brutal murders.

Massoud Hossaini / AP

The president took to twitter to respond to protesters.

Despite the huge numbers and emotions being so high the demonstration remained entirely peaceful, with no reports of violence. Sums up that all the nation wants is peace.