Thousands Urge US Senate To ‘Save America’ As Trump’s Impeachment Trial Looms

by : Hannah Smith on : 08 Feb 2021 17:48
Thousands Urge US Senate To 'Save America' As Trump's Impeachment Trial LoomsPA Images

Despite becoming the first president in the history of the United States to be impeached twice, the prospect of Donald Trump being convicted in the Senate looks unlikely.

But ahead of the former president’s trial beginning tomorrow, his opponents have taken to social media to urge Republicans to join Democrats in finding him guilty of inciting the deadly US Capitol riot on January 6.


#SaveAmerica has been trending on Twitter as thousands of citizens – many of them claiming to be Republicans themselves – urge senators to put their party loyalty aside for the sake of the country. Behind the hashtag is conservative anti-Trump political group The Lincoln Project – established in 2019 by KellyAnne Conway’s husband George Conway – which has been attempting to persuade Republican senators to vote to convict Trump, claiming that not doing so will threaten American democracy.

A video released by the group today urges senators to put aside their fear of retaliation from Trump supporters, telling them ‘your legacy is on the line’. The video goes on to claim that Republicans have a moral duty to hold Trump accountable for the violence that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, warning that ‘the blood Trump’s mob spilled that day will be on your hands, souls and legacies if you fail to act’.

The video has clearly struck a chord with thousands of Americans, with #SaveAmerica trending #1 in the United States following its release. One user commented, ‘Every single Republican who supported the election fraud narrative needs to be held accountable for their dangerous rhetoric,’ while another said, ‘A vote to convict should not be “the hardest of your life” for any Senator. [If] a Senator cares about Truth and the survival of democracy, it will be the easiest vote of his or her life.’

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Many Republicans have continued to defend Trump over the past month, claiming that he did not intentionally incite violence and arguing that voting to convict a former president would cause further divisions in the country. In The Lincoln Project’s video, which currently has more than one million views in just three hours, the group calls these defences ‘hollow, cynical and desperate’ and warns that ‘America is watching’.

Democratic impeachment managers will begin prosecuting the case against Trump, who was impeached in the House a week on from the Capitol riots for inciting an insurrection, in a landmark Senate trial on Tuesday. A conviction would require 17 Republican Senators to vote against the former President, a number that most believe to be unreachable.

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