Thousands ‘Watch Man Die’ After Running Into Fire At Burning Man Festival

by : UNILAD on : 03 Sep 2017 17:06

Warning: Distressing Images


Horrific images have emerged showing the moment a man reportedly killed himself by running into the white-hot flames at Burning Man festival in the United States.

Fire fighters chased down the young man, trying to stop him from going into the inferno, but were unable to despite their efforts.

41-year-old Aaron Joel Mitchell, is understood to have died as a result of the fatal incident in Nevada, US.


Burning Man Festival is an arts and music festial, which gets its name from the giant wooden burning effigy – 50ft tall – which takes place in the Black Rock desert.

Around 70,000 people from across the globe are said to attend the historic gathering.

According to the Metro, Aaron died in the UC Davis hospital burn centre in California,  after allegedly breaking through a security perimeter.

This latest incident is not the first time someone has done something similar.

In 2014, Christopher Wallace ran into an inferno at Element 11 Festival in Utah – a spin-off of Burning Man, reports The Sun.

On Reddit, an eyewitness who claimed to have seen the tragic events wrote about the terrifying ordeal.


‘Faedroid’ posted on Reddit:

As soon as everyone regrouped we stood there watching the fire as the firemen were desperately trying to put it out.

My legs went weak and I sat down unable to move. Everyone was crying.

A security perimeter was reportedly set up around 60 feet away from the burning structure at Element 11.

The wooden mound is said to have burned for roughly 10 minutes before Wallace headed towards the structure while being chased by security guards.

Following Aaron’s death at Burning Man, authorities have reportedly established Mr Mitchell was not under the influence of alcohol, but a toxicology report is pending.

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