Three Arrested After Anti-Vaccine Protestors Blame ‘Jews’ For Pandemic At Lockdown Rally

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Three Arrested After Anti-Vaccine Protestors Blame 'Jews' For Pandemic At Lockdown RallyMichal_Bilewicz/Twitter

An anti-vaccine protest in Poland reportedly gave rise to chants that blamed Jewish people for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the town of Głogów, 70,000 protestors took to the streets to object to lockdown restrictions and COVID-19 vaccinations. The protestors were largely followers of a local football team and are said to have shouted statements such as ‘Stop the propaganda of a fourth wave’ and ‘Stop vaccination coercion’.


The protests led to three arrests as people clashed with the authorities. However, the most concerning aspect of the incident for many was the antisemitic chants that came from some protestors.

According to local reports, many participants shouted ‘Jews are behind the pandemic’ and claimed that they ‘rule the world’. A man who was leading the protestors reportedly chanted through a megaphone, ‘We know who is behind this whole ‘plandemic’ and who rules the world, right?’ In response, some of vocal crowd said ‘Of course it’s the Jews’, Notes From Poland reports.

The crowd is also said to have chanted, ‘Every Pole can see today that behind the ‘plandemic’ are the Jews.’


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There were other protests in the country, and the far-right Confederation (Konfederacja) party shared a video of one of its supporters apparently stating that she ‘does not want Jewry’ in Poland.

Other protestors took aim at the governing bodies who enforce lockdown measures. According to NaszeMiasto, one of the organisers said, ‘The government, under the guise of a ‘deadly virus,’ is introducing illegal regulations aimed at limiting our freedom.’ They went on to encourage the protestors while saying ‘the fight for our common future’ against ‘the globalists’.

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Notes From Poland
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    “Jews are behind the pandemic,” chant crowd at Polish anti-vaccine protest