Three People In India Died While Taking Dangerous Selfies This Weekend

by : UNILAD on : 11 Jan 2016 14:42

It seems that taking selfies in India could be a lot more dangerous than you might think.

According to Mashable, last year a number of selfie-related deaths made the headlines in India, from three students killed by an incoming train they were posing in front of, to seven men who drowned after capsizing a boat while taking photographs on one side.


And it appears that this year could be even more tragic, with three people dying while taking selfies in two separate incidents in the country over the weekend.


On Saturday morning, two people lost their lives in Mumbai when three college students – Tarannum Ansari, Anjum Khan and Masturi Khan – fell into the waters of the Arabian Sea while taking a selfie on boulders lining the rocky beach along the Bandra Fort.

An onlooker, Ramesh Walunj, jumped into the water and helped two of the three girls to safety but, tragically, while he was rescuing Ms Ansari, the two were drowned after a large tide swept them both away.


Bandra police senior inspector R Dhavle told the Times of India:

After seeing the girl, a youth standing close to the Bandstand jumped into the water to rescue her. But he too was caught in the tide. People present at the spot immediately called the police.

Also on Saturday, 20-year-old Abhishek Gupta slipped and fell to his death after he climbed to the top of the Bhimgarh Fort, in the Reasi district of north India’s Jammu region.


Gupta had visited the hilltop fort with his friends, but climbed to the top alone to take a selfie, only to lose his footing. Mr Gupta sustained fatal head injuries from the fall.


The Russian government were forced to issue guidelines on dangerous selfies last year after over 100 people were recorded to have been killed, and many more seriously injured, in pursuit of the perfect selfie.

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