Three-Quarters Of People Now Want To Work From Home Forever

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Three-Quarters Of People Now Want To Work From Home ForeverDocusign/Chris Montgomery/Unsplash

A study has revealed that three-quarters of American employees now want to work from home forever. 

The study, which surveyed 2,000 Americans who are still working from home, showed that most employees would want to continue working remotely even after the coronavirus pandemic ends.


OnePoll conducted the study on behalf of Kintone to understand if employees missed going into the office, or if they would rather continue working from home.

The poll weighed up work-life balance and whether remote working can actually make jobs more difficult.

The poll revealed that 48% of employees say that their most desired workplace perk is a good company policy in regards to remote working. 72% of employees even went so far to say that they would not even consider working for a company if they didn’t offer flexible remote working.


The polls also revealed that 71% of employees didn’t miss the full-time office setting at all. 76% even said that if offered, they would choose to work from home permanently.

However, working from home came at a cost for employees, with 36% of employees stating that their job became more difficult when they were working remotely or from home.

The new flexibility to schedules resulted in 45% of employees feeling happier, while 44% of employees also enjoyed the flexibility of being able to take breaks at anytime.


51% of employees who took part in the survey, however, noted that they would have liked their workplace contributions to be acknowledged more when working from home.

Dave Landa, CEO of Kintone, noted how people are ’embracing remote working more than ever before’, and explained how workplace norms have shifted and a ‘more robust work-life balance’ is being expected by employees.

Unfortunately, there have been some issues due to working remotely, with 35% of employees not having the right office equipment and 36% having issues when trying to communicate with coworkers. 34% of employees even admitted that when working remotely, they were more easily distracted.


Remote working also resulted in 48% of the survey saying that they would like to get an upgrade for their internet service, 40% desiring a new computer and 38% wanting a new desk or place to work. It is also harder for companies to meet their employees needs, as 22% of employees stated a dissatisfaction with their company’s handling of the move online.

In order to fix some of the issues around performance, 46% the study’s participants suggested an adjustment of company policies, such as changes to working hours or expectations. 43% also suggested that the company should reimburse their employees for their internet service charges or other utility bills. 41% put forward that companies should provide their employees with a new computer or laptop too.

To create a smoother remote working experience, 52% of the survey’s participants stressed the importance of good communication between company and employees. 57% admitted that communication had been easier and more productive in the office, and 36% said that remote working had put a strain on the lines of communication between themselves and their career leadership.


Landa said:

Every major transformation like this comes with hurdles and uncertainties. In the end, the benefits of happier, more satisfied employees will justify the efforts to address these challenges head on.

Employers should create policies and find solutions to meet these concerns and strengthen communications so that remote and hybrid work experiences will only improve in the post-pandemic era.

While remote working may not be for everyone, the flexibility of being allowed to work from home on certain days or for certain periods of time has meant that, for many, the work-life balance has been easier to strike. Employees have been able to spend more time with family members, other loved ones or pets. So, even though the pandemic is coming to an end, perhaps flexible working will be here to stay.

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    Remote living: 3 in 4 employees want ability to work from home forever

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