James Arthur Glassed Over The Head Because He Slept With Man’s Ex

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A scorned love rival has been jailed after smashing a glass over James Arthur’s head in August last year. 

Angry Christopher Revell glassed the former X Factor winner and punched him after he found out James had slept with his ex-girlfriend, the Mirror reports.


The furious 31-year-old attacked the singer from behind, while he was out drinking with friends in The Plimsoll Line pub in Redcar, North Yorkshire.

The attacker’s ex, Gemma Iveson, had apparently taken a selfie with the popstar and mistakenly shown it to the raging Revell.

Bewildered James had to be taken to hospital following the unprovoked incident and required five stitches in his head.


Prosecutor Nick Dry said:

James Arthur and his group were walking towards the beer garden when without warning or provocation Mr Revell smashed a glass forcibly on the back of his head.

As he stumbled forward from the incident the defendant followed up with a punch.

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After his initial arrest, Revell denied using the glass to carry out the attack, but he did admit he had gone into a ‘rage’ when James allegedly smirked at him.

Nick Dry continued:

He claimed he had attacked him because he had slept with an ex-girlfriend some time ago.

He said he had lost it and whacked him as hard as he could.

He denied using a glass and said he had gone into a rage when Arthur smirked at him.


After the brawl, the popstar revealed he was scared it would affect his reputation and career and feared going back to his home town.

The court heard James’ attacker already had 12 previous convictions for battery and assault and has since lost his home and job following the offence.

Defence lawyer Andrew Turton said:

The defendant was in a previous relationship with a local woman and there was a fallout between the two.

The relationship resumed but it became apparent from text messages on her phone that there had been an encounter with James Arthur which sounded the death knell for the relationship.


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Judge Tony Briggs sentenced Revell to a five-and-a-half years prison sentence and claimed Revell had given James a ‘nasty gash on his head’.

He said:

It’s clear from your record that you are someone who has difficulty controlling your temper.

You went after James Arthur and attacked him from behind forcefully with a glass you had in your hand and followed it up with a punch.

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I think he’ll be wanting to hear a girl’s dating history before his next fling.

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