Tiger On The Loose In Suburban Neighbourhood Almost Shot By Neighbour

by : Hannah Smith on : 10 May 2021 15:56
Tiger On The Loose In Suburban Neighbourhood Almost Gets Shot By Neighbour@robwormald/Twitter

Residents of a Houston suburb were given the shock of their lives over the weekend, when they discovered a loose tiger roaming through the streets.

Eyewitnesses captured footage of the jungle cat out on the prowl, and if the sight of a tiger in the middle of one of America’s largest cities wasn’t enough of a surprise, the residents quickly discovered that the animal appeared to belong to one of their neighbours, with one onlookers videoing the incident pointing out ‘it has a collar, it is somebody’s pet!’


Unsurprisingly, the appearance of the tiger caused a bit of a stir in the streets of Memorial, Houston, with residents trying to come to terms with sight of the predator strolling across their front lawns. And while most people would probably be worried about their own safety upon coming face to face with a tiger, it looks like the cat wasn’t out of danger either, with one video showing a neighbour drawing a gun on the animal.

The man who TMZ reports was an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, appeared to point his gun at the tiger while yelling, without success, at it to stay where it was. Luckily, before the tiger could come to any harm a man – who appeared to be its owner – came running out yelling at the man not to shoot, before grabbing it by the collar and drag it back inside a house.

It’s not clear exactly where the tiger came from, or where it was taken after the incident. Upon arriving on the scene police said that the animal was nowhere to be found, with neighbours reportedly telling local news station KHOU11 that they had seen it being quickly loaded into a car and driven away.


The station reports that it is illegal to own dangerous exotic animals like tigers within Houston city limits. But believe it or not, elsewhere in the state of Texas ‘dangerous wild animals’ are perfectly okay to own as pets, provided owners register them with the right authorities. Anyone found to be illegally owning an exotic animal faces a fine of between $500 to $2,000, as well as confiscation of the animal.

Unbelievably, this isn’t even the first time a pet tiger has been in the news in Houston. In 2019, a woman was arrested on animal cruelty charges after a tiger was discovered locked in a cage in a garage, although she later told ABC News she had been keeping it there temporarily while she looked for an animal sanctuary.


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    Tiger on the Loose in Houston Nearly Shot by Neighbour