TikToker Sneaks Onto Jeffrey Epstein’s Infamous Island And Records Incredible Footage

by : Harrison Williams on : 27 May 2021 20:38
TikToker Sneaks Onto Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous Island And Records Incredible FootageBRACCOZ/YouTube/PA Images

TikTok influencer Andy Bracco has revealed incredible video footage of himself sneaking onto Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island.

Located in the US Virgin Islands, the island called Little St. James is infamous for being the site where the alleged sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein took his underage victims. He purchased the 70-acre property in the late 1990s and countless stories have been revealed as to what possibly took place there over the years, including documents that show Bill Clinton was allegedly a guest at one point.


Following Epstein’s arrest and suicide in 2019, the island has since become home to a collection of abandoned buildings, and Bracco has taken full advantage of his chance to explore the property. The creepy footage of Bracco’s trip was uploaded to his YouTube and features various aspects of his escapade.

Bracco and his travel partner first took a flight to the Cyril E. King Airport within the US Virgin Islands and then late at night chartered a sailboat to Little St. James. The video reveals much of his journey, from the moment he landed on the island to various buildings he explored, as well as trails and passages he found.

While there are many rumours as to what is on the island, including the possibility of secret tunnels, Bracco told Newsweek what he might have seen:


If I was to have entered the unlocked temple, that I clearly came into close contact with, I would never self incriminate by showing my audience how I got in. Getting in would then subsequently have allowed me to access the tunnels. Between my two visits to the island I did peer into the temple from the outside and noticed the staircase descending downwards.

With regards to the risks involved in sneaking onto the island and sharing the footage, Bracco remarked that crimes much worse have allegedly taken place there:

To be honest with you guys I’m not too worried about getting contacted in regards to some silly charges, the reason being… On Little Saint James, no one has gotten in trouble for their crimes apparently.


While Bracco’s trip to the island resulted in a safe passage, he says other explorers have not been met with the same fate:

I have had multiple ‘copycat’ explorers contact me telling me they attempted to gain entry to the island recently. All have been stopped by either coast guard, armed private security on boats, or the 2 that made it to the island both told me an automated PA system yelled at the saying coast guard has been contacted and to turn back immediately.

Recently, Epstein has resurfaced in the media due to his former lawyer Alan Dershowitz issuing a lawsuit against Netflix for his portrayal in the four-part documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Dershowitz has argued that Netflix misled him about his appearance in the documentary and defamed him by falsely asserting in the series that he had sex with one of Epstein’s victims.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact the Rape Crisis England and Wales helpline on 0808 802 9999 between 12pm–2.30pm and 7pm– 9.30pm every day. Alternatively, you can contact Victim Support free on 08 08 16 89 111 available 24/7, every day of the year, including Christmas.


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